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(Pat Walker - Email, The Woodward Family of Chester Co., PA)

In the Name of God, Amen: the Sixth of September Ano. Do. 1706, in ye fifth year of the Reign of Queen Anne over England &ct. I Richard Woodward of Middletown in the County of Chester & Province of Pensilvania yeom. being sick & weak of body but of sound and perfect memory; praise be unto God of ye same and knowing the uncertainty of this life & Desireous to settle things in order do make this my last Will & Testament in manner & form following viz. Imp'rs. First I commend my Soul to Almighty God believing that I shall receive remission of all my sins & be saved by the precious Death and merits of Jesus Christ and my body to the Earth to be buried in such decent & Christian manner as my Executors hereafter nam'd shall think fitt & convenient. As for my Worldly Estate w'ch God hath given me my will & meaning is it shall be employed and bestowed as by this Will is Expressed and I do revoke renounce frustrate and make void all Wills by me formerly made & declare this my last Will & Testament. Item, I give and bequeath unto my well beloved wife Jane Woodward half of the proffits that yearly accrues from my Plantation where I now live so long as she keeps my Widdow and when she marrys to quit claim to the Plantation and my will is she shall ever after have Yearly p'd out of the profits of the s'd Plantation six pounds currant monys of this Province dureing her naturall life. Item I give bequeath unto my son Joseph Woodward ye other half of my Plantation during his mother's widdowhood and my will is he shall have & enjoy the whole Plantation (If his mother shall marry) to the use & behoofe of him & his Heirs for Ever paying as afores'd Six pounds Curr't monys to his mother during her naturall life. And ever after to be the ffree Estate of him & his Heirs. Item I give and bequeath to my Daughter Martha Baker five pounds in monys or a Cow equivalent to the sum. Item I give & bequeath to my Daughter Jane Woodward twenty pound in Curr't monys of this Province. Item, I give and bequeath to my Daughter Mary Woodward twenty pound Curr't monys of this Province. Item I give and bequeath to my Daughter Sarah Woodward twenty pounds Curr't monys of this Province. Item, I give & bequeath to my Eldest son Richard Woodward four shillings or a pair of gloves. Item I give and bequeath to my son Thomas Woodward four shillings or a pair of gloves. Item I give and bequeath to my son Edwd. Woodward four shillings or a pair of gloves and my Will is that the said Richard Thomas and Edward shall quit all claims to the remaining part of my Estate real & psonal. Item I constitute and appoint my well beloved wife Jane Woodward and my son Joseph Woodward my true and lawfull Executors to see this my last Will & Testam't faithfully executed and performed according to the true intent & meaning hereof. And do order them my s'd Executors to pay my funerall charges & all my just debts out of my personall Estate as household goods &ct. & then the remaining part of my personall Estate to be equally divided her part amongst all my children or their Heirs. Lastly I will that my son Richard Woodward of Thornbury and my son Edwd. Woodward be my overseers that this my Will be faithfully performed. And I hereby declare this to be my Will and Sett to my hand & seal the day & year before mentioned.
RICHD. WOODWARD (His) R (Mark) ~(seal)
Sealed and delivered in the presence of Joseph Jervis, John Worrilaw, James Cooper.


Chester, Jan'ry 8th 1706. Then personally appeared Joseph Jervis & James Cooper two of the Witnesses w'thin named and on their Solemn Attestacons did declare they saw the w'thin named Richard Woodward Sign Seal Publish and declare the w'thin writing to be his last Will & Testam't and that at the doing thereof he was of sound mind and memory & understanding to the best of their knowledge.
Be it rembred y't on ye 8th Jan'ry 1706 The last Will & Testam't of Rich'd Woodward was proved in due form of Law, & Probate & L're of Adm'n was granted to Jane Woodward & Joseph Woodward the Ex'rs therein named being first ... well & truely to Adm'r and to bring an Inventory of the Deced'ts Estate into ye Reg'rs office at Phil'a on or before ye 8th ffeb'ry next.
Given under the seal of the s'd Office