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Swarts Lineage

1. John Swarts, of Mifflin Co. PA. Immigrated to the Northwest Territory, from Mifflin County PA, during the Indian campaign of General Wayne (? - Campaign was from 1793-1795). He first selected his home in what is now Harrison County, Ohio. In 1813 he removed to that part of Mohican which afterward became Chester Township, Wayne County, OH (History of Ashland Co., 1863). In 1826 he owned 160 acres in the NE corner of Sect. 35 in Wayne County.

Children:   a) John
                b) Henry
                c) David,* b. 25 March 1799, PA
                d) Elizabeth
                e) Jacob
                f) Daniel
               g) Catherine
                h) Mary  

2. David Swarts, b. 25 March 1799, PA; d. 28 Aug 1865, Ashland Co., OH; bur. Meng Cemetery; m. c1825 to Catherine Smith, b. c1810, PA; d. (18 Mar 1892?).

Children:   a) Sarah, b. 1 Aug 1826, OH; m. William Moon
                b) Hugh E., b. 1828, OH; m. Rebecca Judd
                c) Sophia, b. 22 Jun 1829, OH; m. Phillip Ewing
                d) Mary, b. 31 Apr 1831, OH; d. 20 Sep 1849, bur. Meng Cemetery
                e) David J.,* b. 30 Jun 1832, OH; m. Vesta Mindwell Ward


3. Dr. David J. Swarts, b. 30 Jun 1832, Ashland Co., OH; d. 3 Mar 1905, Beaver Co., OK; m. 30 Aug 1862 to Dr. Vesta Mindwell Ward, b. 26 Apr 1841, Lorain Co., OH; d. 2 Aug 1923; Auburn, IN; both buried in Auburn, IN.

Children:   a) Harry J., b. 24 Aug 1866, Auburn, IN
                b) Willard Ward,* b. 14 Jul 1872, Mongo, IN


4. Dr. Willard Ward Swarts, b. 14 Jul 1872, Mongo, LaGrange Co., IN; d. 1948, Three Rivers, MI; m. 3 Feb 1897, Edon, Williams Co., OH to Nell Garside, b. 25 Jun 1878, Edon, OH; d. 24 Sep 1968.

Children:   a) Irene Lucile, b. 7 Mar 1898
               b) Ward Garside,* b. 28 Sep 1906, Auburn, IN


5. Ward Garside Swarts, b. 28 Sep 1906, Auburn, DeKalb Co., IN; d. 29 Mar 1979, Reston, VA; m. to LaRea Foote, b. Auburn, IN.

Children:   a) Stephen Ward,* Dixon., Lee Co., IL
                b) Susan, b. Three Rivers, St. Joseph Co., MI


6. Stephen Ward Swarts, b. Dixon, Lee Co., IL; m. to Dianne Bennett Rogers, b. Williamsburg, James City Co., VA.

Children:   a) David Rogers,* b. Willamsburg, VA
                b) Scott Ward, b. Sturgis, St Joseph Co., MI


7. David Rogers Swarts, b. Willamsburg, VA; 1m. to Sheila Lynn Hendershot, b. Jackson, MI, div.; 2m. to Sherie Fern Blakeman (Eley), b. Vandercook Lake, MI.

Children:   a) Samantha Lynn, b. Ann Arbor, MI
                b) Courtney Atherton, b. Ann Arbor, MI
                c) Sidnee Kai-Ann, b. Ann Arbor, MI

Prepared 20 Mar 2002 by David R. Swarts, 4489 Abbey Ct., Jackson, MI 49201