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Swarts Family






Birth Records:

Marraige Records:


Newspaper Clippings:

Newspaper Clippings:

Swarts Internet Resources:

GenWeb: Ohio, Ashland Co., OH, Wayne Co., OH

GenForum: Swarts, Swartz, Ashland Co., OH, Wayne Co., OH

Swarts Researchers - Decendents of John Swarts of PA who settled Wayne Co., OH:

John J. Mauritz (1. John Swartz, 2. David Swartz m. Catherine Smith, 3. Hugh E. Swartz, m. Rebecca Judd, 4. Arminda Swartz m. Henry C. Smalley, 5. Charles E. Smalley m. Lillian P. Austen, 6.Earl C. Smalley m. Ferne Puster, 7.Norma J. Smalley m. Herman Mauritz, 8. John M. Mauritz m. Loretta Proffit, 9. John J. Mauritz)

Jo Ann Brant Schmidt (1. John SWARTS m. Susannah _____, 2. Jacob Swarts m. Mary M. Baker, 3. Sarah Swarts m. Jacob Brant, 4. ....

Other Swarts Researchers:

SWARTZ Genealogy Page: Information on several different Swarts/z families from Ashalnd Co., OH, Medina Co., OH, Wayne Co., OH, Bedford Co., PA and more, including our John Swarts and family.

Historical Outlines and Publications:

A History of the Pioneeer and Modern Times of Ashland County from the Earliest to the Present Date, by H. S. Knapp 1863. (John from PA, his children and David and Catherine (Smith) Swarts).

History of DeKalb Co., IN, 1885  (Dr. David J. (his parents, David and Catherine (Smith) Swarts) and Vesta (Ward) Swarts, her parents and children).

History of DeKalb Co., IN, 19__  (Dr.'s David J. and Vesta (Ward) Swarts and decendents).

History of DeKalb Co., IN, 1987 (Dr.'s David J. and Vesta (Ward) Swarts and decendents).

Indiana at Vicksburg, by Henry C. Adams 1910 (Dr. David J. Swarts).

Marches and Battles of the 100th Indana Infantry Volunteers, by E.J. Sherlock (Dr. David J. Swarts, story w/picture)