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Rogers Genealogy

Giles Rogers of Virginia and his Descendents

by David Rogers Swarts, 1905 Springport Rd., #2, Jackson, MI 49202,, 27 Jul 1999



1 Giles Rogers, b. c1643, Edinburgh, Scotland; d. 1730, VA; m. c1672, England to Rachel Eastman, b. c1645.

After maturity, Giles moved from Edinburgh, Scotland, to Worcestershire, England. From there, he emigrated to Virginia were he patented 400 acres on 18 Apr 1670, in the Parish of Stratton Major, then in New Kent Co. "on the road Piscataway", VA. He returned to England, married Rachel in 1672 and returned to Virginia in 1680 aboard his own ship.

Children:   1 Giles, b. c1673, Worcestershire, England

                2 Lucy,* b. c1675, Worcestershire, England

                3 Peter,* b. c1677, Worcestershire, England

                4 John,* b. c1680, Rappahanoch Co., VA

                5 Rachel,* b. c1683, New Kent Co., VA

                6 Mary Ann,* b. c1687, New Kent Co., VA



12 Lucy Rogers, b. c1675, Worcestershire, England; m. 1700 to William Wilson.

Children:   1 Elizabeth,* b.

13 Peter Rogers, b. c1677, Worcestershire, England; d. between 9 Jul 1724 and 4 Jul 1726, King & Queen Co., VA; m. "Miss" Armisted, daughter of John Armistead of Gloucester Co., VA, b. c1680; d. c1724.

On 9 Jul 1724, Peter patented 400 acres on the north side of the middle river in St. John's Parish, King William Co., VA. On 4 Jul 1726, Francis Smith of King & Queen Co. sold to Edward Pigg of Spottsylvania Co. 100 acres in Spottsylvania Co., "given said Smith by the last will and testament of Peter Rogers dec'd". (Crozier's Spots, Rec. p.98). This show's Peter died between these dates. Crozier's Spots, Rec. (pp.70 and 305), also show that Peter had a son Abraham, for whom Thomas Estes was gaurdian.

Children:   1 Capt. John, b. c1712, King & Queen Co., VA

                2 William, b. c1714, King & Queen Co., VA

                3 Joseph,* b. c1716, King & Queen Co., VA

                4 Col. Peter,* b. c1722, King & Queen Co., VA

                5 Abraham,* b. c1724, King & Queen Co., VA

14 John Rogers, b. c1680; d. c1768; m. Mary Byrd, daughter of William and Mary (Horsemanden) Byrd of "Westover," VA.

Children:   1 John,* b. 1717, King & Queen Co., VA

                2 Giles,* b. 1719, King & Queen Co., VA

                3 George,* b. 1721, King & Queen Co., VA

                4 Mary, b. 1725, King & Queen Co., VA

                5 Ann,* b. 1728, King & Queen Co., VA

                6 Lucy,* b. 1731, King & Queen Co., VA

                7 Mildred,* b. 1733, King & Queen Co., VA

                8 Bird,* b. 1735, King & Queen Co., VA

                9 Rachel,* b. 1737, King & Queen Co., VA

15 Rachel Rogers, b. 1683, New Kent Co., VA; m. 1710 to William Latham.

16 Mary Ann Rogers, b. 1687, New Kent Co., VA; m. Anthony Samuels.



121 Elizabeth Wilson, m. 1723 to Jonathan Clark of King & Queen Co., VA.

Children:   1 Jonathan,* b. 1724; m. his cousin Ann Rogers (145), see 145 for descendency.

                2 Ann,* b. c1727

133 Joseph Rogers, b. c1701/1716, King & Queen Co., VA; will dated 2 Aug 1761; m. Lucy Burgess, daughter of Thomas Burgess of Orange County.

In 1745, describing himself from King & Queen Co. he bought 800 acres in Orange Co. from Elliott and Ann Bohannon. He lived in Orange Co. until a year or two before his death, when he moved to Horse Shoe Bend, Culpeper Co., VA.

Children:   1 William, b.

                2 Frances, b.

                3 Ann,* m. John Crittenden

                4 Joseph Hale,* b. Feb 1742

                5 John, b.

                6 Sarah, m. Mr. Ronsow

                7 Lucy, b.

                8 Barnett (Bernard), killed in the Battle of Blue Licks, w30 Oct 1780; p20 Jan 1783

                9. Betty, m. Mr Garnett

134 Col. Peter Rogers, b. c1722, King &Queen Co., VA; d. c. Aug 1785 (will), Halifax Co., VA; m. c1760, Person Co., NC to Elizabeth Rogers, (#1411) daughter of John Rogers (#141), b. c1743, Caroline Co., VA.

Col. Peters Rogers, of North Carolina, married his cousin, Elizabeth Rogers, who was born 1743. Certifed copies of his war record signed by Morgan P. Robinson, Archivist of the Virginia State Library, are in the hands of Mr. Morton Southall. Copies were found in the Manuscript Column now in the Virginia State Library. A copy is also in the "The Rogers Index" in the Filson Club, Louisville, Kentucky. Peter's plantation on Coleman's Creek, Halifax Co., Va was willed to his son Armistead in 1875 (the grist mill and 100 acres). 260 acres were sold to settle his estate. Will dated 22 Jan 1785, probated 18 Aug 1785, Halifax Co., VA.

Children:   1 Armistead, b. c1762, Halifax Co., VA

                2 John, b. c1764, Halifax Co., VA

                3 Frances, b. c1766, Halifax Co., VA

                4 Elizabeth, b. c1768, Halifax Co., VA

                5 Abraham, b. c1775/76, Halifax Co., VA

                6 Lucy, b. c1777, Halifax Co., VA

                7 George, b. c1779, Halifax Co., VA

                8 Peter,* b. c1781, Halifax Co., VA

135 Abraham Rogers, b. c1724, King & Queen Co., VA; m. Barbara Estes, daughter of Thomas Estes.

On 24 Mar 1736, Abraham was deeded 228 acres from John Rogers of Drysdale Parish, King & Queen Co., and "also all the tract or parcel of land given by my brother, Peter Rogers, decd, in his last will and testament unto his son Jno. Rogers, decd".

141 John Rogers, b. 1717, King & Queen Co., VA; d. 1797, Person Co., NC; m. ?, b. c1720, of King & Queen Co., VA; d. after 1760.

Children:   1 Elizabeth,* b. 1743, Caroline Co., NC; m. Peter Rogers, See #134 for descendency.

                2 Lucy, b. 1745, Caroline Co., NC; m. Mr. Smith

                3 Ann, b. 1747, Caroline Co., NC; m. Mr. Link

                4 John, b. 1749, Caroline Co., NC; d. 1823; m. Jane Harrelson

                5 Rachel, b. 1751, Caroline Co., NC; m. Frederick Debo

                6 n/a, b. 1753, Caroline Co., NC; m. Peter Gill

                7 Bird, b. 1755, Halifax Co., VA; m. Sarah Clay

                8 Littleton, b. 1760, Halifax Co., VA; d. 1826

142 Giles Rogers, b 1719; d. 1794; m. 1757 to Ann Iverson Lewis, daughter of John and Sarah (Iverson) Lewis, b. c1737; d. 1816.

Children:   1 Frances,* b. c1765


145 Ann Rogers, b. 1728; d. 1898; m. 1749 to her cousin Jonathan Clark (1211), b. 13 Feb 1718; d. 1899.

Moved to the falls of the Ohio.

Children:   1 John, b.

                2 Gen. George Rogers, b. 19 Nov 1752, there is a statue of him in Indianapolis

                3 Ann R.,* b. 1755

                4 Elizabeth,* b. 1768

                5 Gen. William,* b. c1770, of the "Lewis & Clark Expedition".

146 Lucy Rogers, b. 1731, King & Queen Co., VA; d. 1764; m. 1755 to Samuel Reed.

147 Mildred Rogers, 1m. _____ Sharon, one child; 2m. Reuben George.

Children:   1 Margaret,* b. 1746

148 Bird Rogers, b. 1735, King & Queen Co., VA; d. 1800; m. 1766 to Mary Trice.

149 Rachel Rogers, b. 1737, King & Queen, VA; m. Donald Robertson.



1212 Ann Clark, b. c1727; d. 1744; m. 1743 to Torquil MacLeod.

From Scotland, Torquil was an officer in the dragoons. They settled in Essex Co., VA.

Children:   1 Ann Clark,* b. c1744

1333 Ann Rogers, m. John Crittenden, d. 1802.

Children:   1 Lucy,* b. 1762

1334 Joseph Hale Rogers, b. Feb 1742; d. 13 Jul 1834, ae 92, near Lexington, KY; 1m. to Ann Early, daughter of Jeremiah Early, d. before 1816, they had at least one child; 3m. to Susan Coons, b. 1781; d. 1856.

Of Horse Shoe Bend, Culpeper Co., VA, moved c1782 to Bryan Station, KY.

Children:   1 Jeremiah,* b. 1765

                2 Bernard Fowler,* b. 1816

1348 Peter Rogers, b. c1781, Halifax Co., VA; d. 1840-50; m. 28 Jan 1805 , Halifax Co., VA to Susannah Adams, daughter of William and Elizabeth Adams, b. c1782, VA.

The will of William Adams dated 6 dec 1838, Halifax Co., VA, gives everything to his wife and that all his property be devided after her death among all their children "with the exception of the part that my daughter Susan Rogers will get. I desire that my daughter Susan shall have the benefit of the property her life and after her death I give the same to my grandson John Rogers to him and his heirs forever." Information from the 1840 Halifax Co., VA census indicates that Peter had ten slaves, two males (age 10-23 and one age 35-54) and eight female (one age 36-54 and seven age 10-23). Peter must have died before 1850 because there is no census record of him or his slaves and his wife Susan was living with Daniel and Julia Merrit. Julia might have been a daughter or cousin and the slaves may have been freed in Peter's will or by his wife after his death. By 1860, Susan was living with her son John and there is no record of her in 1870.

Children:   1 John C.,* b. c1815, VA (prop. Halifax)

1451 Frances Rogers, b. c1765; d. post 1824; m. 1784 to Samuel Twyman of Greene Co., VA, b. 1759; d. 1823/24.

Children:   1 Nancy,* b. 1793

1453 Ann R. Clark, b. 1755; d. 1822; m. Owen Gwathmey of "Meadows", b. 1752; d. 1830.

Owen was a cashier with the Bank of Kentucky, Louisville, KY.

Children: 1 Samuel,* b.

1454 Elizabeth Clark, b. 1768; d. 1795; 1m. 1787 to Gen. Richard Clough Anderson, b. 1750; d. 1826; Richard's 2m. 1797 to Elizabeth's cousin, Sarah Marshall (121211), b. 1779.

Richard was lt.col. 3rd VA Cont. Line; brig.gen. militia; first surveyor-gen. of western lands; settled at "Soldiers' Retreat," near Louisville, KY.

Children:   1 Ann Clark,* b. 1790

                2 Larz,* b. 1803

1455 Gen. William Clark, b. 1770; d. 1838; 1m. 1808, ?Fincastle, VA to Julia Hancock, d. 1820.

He removed with his parents to the falls of the Ohio; marched with Col. John Hardin against the Indians, 1789; apptd. ens., 1791; commd. 1st lt. in the 4th sub-legion by President Washington, 1793; commd. 2 lt. of arty. and assigned to Capt. Meriwether Lewis' expedition across the Rocky Mountains, 1804-05; governor of the Louisiana Territory with headquarters at St. Louis, 1813-21; supt. of Indian Affairs, 1822-38; highly honored by President Jefferson.

Children: 1 Meriwether Lewis,* b. 1809

1471 Margaret Sharon, b. 1746; d. 1801; m. 1766 to James Wood, b. 1746; d. 1816.

A veteran of the American Revolutionary War, James was alloted land for his services under (his wife's cousin) George Rogers Clark.

Children:   1 George,* b. 1770



12121 Ann Clark MacLeod, b. c1744; d. 1809; m. 1767 to Capt. William Marshall, b. 1730; d. 1812

They moved from King & Queen Co., VA (now part of Carolina Co.) to Fair Hope, Henry Co. (now Trimble Co.), Kansas.

Children:   1 Sarah,* b. 1779; m. Richard C. Anderson, see # 1454

                2 John,* b. 1784

13331 Lucy Crittenden, b. 1762; d. 1820; m. 1788 to Augustine Webb, b. 1763; d. 1827.

Augustine fought in the American Revolutionary War.

Children:   1 Ann Rogers,* b. 1802

13341 Jeremiah Rogers, b. 1765; d. 1835; m. 1803 to Fanny Henderson Clark, sister of Gov. James Clark of KY.

Children:   1 Joseph H.D.,* b. 1805

13342 Bernard Fowler Rogers, b. 1816; d. 1845; m. Mary Ann Coons, daughter of Martin Coons, b. 1788; d. 1857.

Children:   1 Joseph Martin,* b. 1839, Chicago

13481 John C. Rogers, b. c1815, (Halifax), VA; m. c1838 to Nancy _______, b. c1820, VA.

The 1850 Halifax Co., VA census records show that John was a planter/farmer with a real estate value of $1800. By 1860, his real estate value had rose to $4000 and he had $3475 in personal estate. On 24 Dec 1865, John sold 46 3/4 acres to his son William for $374.

Children:   1 William A, b. c1839, VA

                2 Martha, b. c1841, VA

                3 George W., b. c1843, VA

                4 Elizabeth, b. c1847, VA

                5 John, b. c1850, VA (after 23 Oct 1850 census)

                6 Henry b. c1852, VA

                7 Samuel F.,* b. 1854, VA

                8 Charles P. b. c1858, VA, not in 1870 census; may have died young.

14511 Nancy Twyman, b. 1793; d. 1867; m. 1816 to Capt. Anthony Thornton of Greene Co., VA, b. 1790; d. 1855.

Anthony was capt. of the County militia and a Justice.

Children:   1 Jackson LaFayette,* b. 1824

14531 Samuel Gwathmey, m. Mary Booth.

Children:   1 Rebecca Ann,* b. 1815

14541 Ann Clark Anderson, b. 1790; d. 1863; m. 1810 to John Logan, b. 1785; d. 1826.

Children:   1 Sarah Jane,* b. 1822

14542 Larz Anderson, b. 1803; d. 1878; 2m. to Catharine Longworth, daughter of Nicholas Longworth of Cincinnati, OH. Larz was chairman of the Sanitary Commission of Cincinnati, OH, 1861.

Children:   1 Maj. William Pope,* b. 1840

14551 Meriwether Lewis Clark, b. 1809; d. 1881; 1m. 1831 to Abigail Prather Churchill. Res. Louisville, KY.

Children:   1 Meriwether Lewis, Jr.* b.

14711 George Wood, b. 1770; d. 1819; of Clark Co. Indiana; m. 1794 to Mary (Burge?); b. 1778; d. 1849.

Children:   1 John Milton,* b. 1808, Clark Co., Indiana



121212 John Marshall, b. 1784, of Henry Co., KS; m. 1813 to Mildred Field.

Children:   1 Maj. Lewis,* b. 1825

133311 Ann Rogers Webb, b. 1802; d. 1934; m. 1821 to Charles Tandy Graves, b. 1799; d. 1878.

Children:   1 William Crittenden,* b. 1828

133411 Joseph H.D. Rogers, M.D., b. 1805; d. 1885; m. 1836 to Abby Goodwine Lane.

Moved from Kentucky to Indiana. Was a Col. in the Texan War in 1837.

Children:   1 Joseph Goodwine,* b. 1841

133421 Joseph Martin Rogers, b. 1839, Chicago; d. 1923; 1m. 1863 to his cousin, Katherine Mary Gamble (1454111), b. 1844; d. 1889; seven children; 2m. Julia Rogers, daughter of Judge John G. Rogers of KY and Chicago (also a descendent of John and Mary (Byrd) Rogers).

Children:   1 Bernard Fowler,* b. 8 Nov 1864, Louisville, KY

                2 James Gamble,* b. 3 Mar 1867, Bryants Station, KY

                3 John Arthur,* b. 12 Apr 1870, Louisville, KY

                4 Kate, d. in infancy

                5 Joseph Martin,* b. 1874

                6 Hopewell Lindenberger,* b. 19 Dec 1876

                7 Rosa Logan, b. 1878; d. 1880 (age 17 months)

134817 Samuel F. Rogers, b. 1854, (Halifax) VA; d. 1922; m. 2 Dec 1874, Halifax, VA to Elizabeth Ann Powell, daughter of Alexander R. and Nancy (Greenwood) Powell, b. 1855, Halifax Co., VA; d. 1921. Both buried in Winn's Creek Baptist Church Cemetery, Halifax, VA.

Alexander Powell's will dated 11 Jun 1910, Halifax,Co., VA, grants to his daughter Elizabeth "100 acres of land on the north side of Sallie Powell's land, to run as follows, from Sallie Powell's line down to a branch, thence down branch to Sallie Powell's line if not enough in this line boundary I direct that enough be cut off the Spencer land to make one-hundred acres." He also states in his will that his son William Powell pay Elizabeth two hundred and fifty dollars so William could secure the the remainder of the land for himself. In 1920, their grandaughter Virginia Spencer, age 12, was living with them.

Children:   1 Nancy Elizabeth,* b. c1889, VA

                2 Virginia,* b.

                3 William F., m. Virginia ______, no issue, res. in Chapel Hill, NC in 1921.

                4 Robert Edward, m. Pearl Sanders, res. in Louisville, KY in 1921

                5 Ben G.,* b.

                6 George Otey,* b. 9 Mar 1893, Halifax Co., VA

                7-12? 1910 census says Betty had 12 children with 6 living in 1910.

145111 Capt. Jackson LaFayette Thornton, b. 1824; d. 1894; m. 1861 to Mary Lindsay Mansfield, daughter of Rev. Joseph and Susan (Lindsay) Mansfield, b. 1840.

Justice and farmer, res. in Greene Co., VA.

Children:   1 Maude Mansfield, d. in infancy

                2 William Percy, b. 1863; d. 1925; m. 1886 to Elizabeth Pendleton

                3 Lelia Linsday,* b. 25 Apr 1865, Greene Co., VA

                4 Clarence Mansfield, b. 1869; m. 1902 to Mrs. Julia Albright

                5 Roy Maxwell, b. 1872; d. 1920

                6 Cecil Devoe, b. 1874; m. Edith Hoover

                7 Kenneth Erroll, b. 1877; d. 1920

145311 Rebecca Ann Gwathmey, b. 1815; d. 1892; m. 1837 to Henry Samuel Tyler, b. 1815.

Children:   1 Isaac Hughes,* b. 1838

145411 Sarah Jane Logan, b. 1790; m. 1840 to James McFarlan Gamble, b. 1811; d. 1868.

Children:   1 Katherine Mary,* b. 1844; m. her cousin Joseph Martin Rogers (133421), see # 133421 for desc.

145421 Maj. William Pope Anderson, b. 1840; d. 1897; m. 1863 to Julia Worthington, b. 1832; d. 1925.

William was a maj. and a.-d.-c. in the Civil War.

Children:   1 Vachel Worthington,* b. 9 Apr 1864, Cincinnati, Ohio

                2 Larz Worthington, b. 1866; d. 1918; m. Grace Ferguson

                3 Catharine Longworth, b. 1869; d. 1925; m. Henry A. Peckham

                4 Julia Wiggins, b. 1872; d. 1876

                5 William Pope, Jr., b.

                6 Laura Wiggins, b. 1875; d. 1891

                7 Ida Longworth, b. 1877; d. 1897

                8 Francis Brown, b. 1878; d. 1930

145511 Meriwether Lewis Clark, Jr., m. 1871 to Mary Martin, d. 1934.

Children:   1 n/a

                2 Caroline, m. Nathaniel Tyler who d. 1934.

                3 Mary Barbaroux, b. 24 Sep 1877, Louisville, KY; res. 1908 Southerland Pl., Wash. D.C.

147111 John Milton Wood, b. 1808, Clark Co., IN; d. 1869; m. 1833 to Margaret Robertson.

John was the first white child born in the township now known as Wood Twp., Clark Co., Indiana.

Children:   1 Jasper,* b. 1846



1212121 Maj. Lewis Marshall, b. 1825; d. 1877; m. 1854 to Mary Helen Mar Fore.

Lewis served in the Confederate Army during the Civil War.

Children:   1 Virginia,* b. Live Oaks, KY

1333111 William Crittenden Graves, b. 1828; d. 1912; m. 1850 to Martha Ann Hiden, b. 1829; d. 1922.

William, of Orange Co., VA was a Capt. in the Confederate Army during the Civil War.

Children:   1 Susan Josephine,* b. 1852

1334111 Joseph Goodwin Rogers, M.D., Ph.D., b. 1841; d. 1908; m. 1862 to Margarete Watson.

Bellevue Hospital Medical College, 1865; acting asst. surgeon U.S.A., 1865; post-grad. study in clinics of Paris and London, 1865-66; prof. therapeutics, Coll Phys. and Surg., Indianapolis, IN, 1872-75; sanitary supt. of constrn. and equipment of three additional state hospitals for the insane, 1883-88; supt. Northern Hosp. for Insane (state), 1888-1908; hon. Ph.D., Hanover Coll, 1900; president Am. Medico-Psychol. Assn., 1900.

Children:   1 Watson, b. 1873; d. 1875

                2 Abby Lane,* b. 22 Dec 1875, Madison, IN

                3 Clarke, M.D., b. 19 Sep 1877; m. Nina Schaefer

                4 Lynn, M.D., b. 19 Sep 1877

                5 Maria, b. 26 Mar 1879; m. Charles Herbert Stuart

                6 Margaret, b. 1888; m. Charles H. Campbell

1334211 Bernard Fowler Rogers, b. 8 Nov 1864, Louisville, KY; m. 9 Sep 1889 to Adele Waller, daughter of James B. Waller of Frankfort, KY, b. 1864, Chicago.

Educated at Williston Acad., Easthampton, MA; Mem. Klee, Rogers, Loeb & Wolff, fire underwriters, Chicago; Trustee Art Inst. of Chicago; Collector of prints, etchings and engravings; Summer place was "Shore Crest," Wequetonsing, MI; Res. 1341 N. State St., Chicago then Daytona Beach, FL with 70 Cedar St., Chicago.

Children:   1 Bernard Fowler, Jr.,* b. 10 Sep 1892, Chicago, IL

                2 James Waller,* b. 18 Dec 1902, Chicago, IL

1334212 James Gamble Rogers, b. 3 Mar 1867, Bryants Station, KY; m. 12 Oct 1901 to Anne Day, daughter of Albert M. Day of Chicago; b. Springfield, MA.

B.A. Yale, '89. Architect, New York; consulting architect, Yale Univ. (see Who's Who in America). Summer place was Black Point, CT; Res. was 164 E. 70th St., New York, N.Y.

Children:   1 Katherine Gamble, b. 16 Oct 1902, Chicago, IL

                2 Albert Day, b. 6 Sep 1905; d. 1 Jan 1906

                3 James Gamble, Jr., b. 18 Aug 1908, Black Point, CT

1334213 John Arthur Rogers, b. 12 Apr 1870, Louisville, KY; m. 19 Sep 1899 to Elizabeth Hart Baird.

Mass. Inst. Tech., 1894 (Delta Psi). Architect. Ensign, U.S.N.R.F., comdg. Naval Port Guard, Key West, Florida, World War I. Collector of etchings. Res. Daytona, FL.

Children:   1 James Gamble II, b. 24 Jan 1901, Chicago, IL

                2 Elizabeth Warner, b. 19 Jun 1902, Wilmette, IL

                3 Lyman Baird, b. 30 Dec 1907, Wilmette, IL

1334215 Joseph Martin Rogers, Jr., b. 1874; d. 1920, Chicago, IL; m. Florilla Gordon McGraw, of Portville, N.Y.

Joseph served in the U.S. Army as 1st Lt. with the 341st Inf.

1334216 Hopewell Lindenberger Rogers, b. 19 Dec 1876, Chicago, IL; 1m. 3 Jan 1917 to Agnes Bourne Street, daughter of William D.C. Street, b. 22 Jan 1881; d. 4 Feb 1920; 2m. 8 Mar 1924 to Dorothy Low (Felton) Councilman, daughter of Samuel M. Felton.

Ph.B., Yale 1897 (Book and Snake); LL.B., John Marshall Law School, Chicago, 1906. Vice president and assistant to the publisher, The Chicago Daily News (see Who's Who in America). Res. was 1315 Astor St. then 900 N. Michigan Ave, Chicago. IL.

1348171 Nancy Elizabeth Rogers, b. c1889, Halifax Co., VA; d. 3 Jun 1958 (ae 69), Lynchburg Hosp., VA; m. John Nolan Dickens.

They resided in South Boston, VA and were members of the Bethany Baptist Church. Both(?) buried in Oak Ridge Cemetery.

Children:   1 Cpl. Roger H., US Army, res. in Lynchburg, VA

                2 Sgt. John Nolan, Jr., b. Greensboro, NC; d. c1950, near Wonsan, Korea; WWII vet.

1348172 Virginia Rogers, d. 1958; m. Mr. Spencer.

Virginia was a Matron in the State Penitentiary in Richmond, VA. They res. in Henderson, NC (1921).

Children:   1 Roy, b.

                2 Edward, b.

                3 Anna Mae, b.

                4 Helen, b.

                5 Margaret, b.

                6 Virginia, b.

1348175 Ben G. Rogers, d. ae 65, Richmond Hosp., VA; m. Carrie Roberts.

Children:   1 Mrs. L.G. Williams res. York, PA

                2 William F., res. Lumberton, NC

1348176 George Otey Rogers, b. 9 Mar 1893, Halifax Co., VA; d. 26 Dec 1966, Norge, James City Co., VA; m. 5 Dec 1915 to Beulah Garnet Covington, daughter of John A. and Maggie (Turner) Covington, b. 15 Jul 1893, (Halifax Co.?), VA; d. 4 Apr 1982, Williamsburg, James City Co., VA. Both buried in Williamsburg Memorial Park.

Children:   1 Charles Otey,* b. Halifax Co., VA

                2 William Turner,* b. Halifax Co.,, VA

                3 Elsie Covington,* b. Halifax Co., VA

                4 John Edwin,* b.  Halifax Co., VA

1451113 Leila Lindsey Thornton, b. 25 Apr 1865, Greene Co., VA; m. 26 Aug 1882 to James Clay Gentry, b. 5 Jul 1858, Gordonsville, VA.

Educated at Gordonsville Female College. Engaged in history and genealogical research. was a member of the D.A.C., S.D.P. and D.A.R. (chapter regent; state chmn.). She was a Democrat. Summer place was in Smyrna, GA and res. in Atlanta, GA.

Children:   1 Stonewall Percy,* b. 29 Jun 1884, Gordonsville, VA

                2 James Fenton, b. 11 Nov 1887; d. 16 Apr 1912

1453111 Isaac Hughes Tyler, b. 1838; d. 1883; m. 1867 to Jane Louise Owen, daughter of Obadia J. Owen, b. 1846.

Children:   1 Owen, 1m. Helen B. Cood; 2m. Mrs. Elizabeth Johnstone Hulbert

                2 Rebecca Gwathmey,* b. 4 Jan 1870, Louisville, KY

                3 Isaac Hughs, d. 1919; m. Bertha Edmunds

                4 Mary Jenkins, m. Charlton Messick

                5 Samuel Gwathmey, d. 1912; m. Edmonia Robinson


1454211 Vachel Worthington Anderson, b. 9 Apr 1864, Cincinnati, OH; m. 15 Jan 1890 to Mary Shoenberger Chambliss, daughter of Col. W.P. Chambliss, b. 18 Aug 1865, Cincinnati, OH.

Children:   1 Julia Worthington, b. 25 Jan 1892, Cincinnati, OH

                2 William Pope, III,* b. 12 Apr 1893, Cincinnati, OH

                3 Mary Chambliss,* b. 11 Nov 1895, Cincinnati, OH

                4 Margarete Shoenberger,* b. 26 Sep 1889, Cincinnati, OH

1471111 Jasper Wood, b. 1846; d. 1917; 1m. 1874 to Abigal Nancy, b. 1857; d. 1898; they had four children; 2m. 1907 to Catherine Ryan, b. 1680.

Jasper enlisted in the 144th Indiana Volonteers Infantry during the American Civil War. After the war, he worked for the L. & N. Railroad for many years.

Children:   1 Bertha, b. 1877; m. Thomas Lockhart;, d. 1936

                2 Arthur Donald, b. 1880

                3 Faye, b. 1884; d. 1884

                4 Edith,* b. 4 Jan 1893, Clark Co., IN



12121211 Virginia Marshall, b. Live Oaks, KY; 1m. 1888 to R. Barton Seate, they had three children; 2m. 1905 to Col. Hoggatt Clopton, d. 1912.

She was a member of the D.B.R., D.A.R., Sulgrave Instn., Virginia Historical Society, A.P.V.A., was Organizational President of the Los Angeles Woman's Club and a member of the Congressional (Washington) Club. She res. at Wardman Park Hotel, Washington D.C.

13331111 Susan Josephine Graves, b. 1852; m. 1882 to Jesse Alphonso Woodroff, b. 1846; d. 1915.

Jesse was a farmer and served in the C.S.A. during the Civil War.

Children:   1 Martha,* b. 10 Jul 1883, Orange Co., VA

13341112 Abby Lane Rogers, b. 22 Dec 1875, Madison, Indiana; m. 1 Jun 1897 to Maurice Johnson Winfield, b. 1841; d. 1911.

Educated at Miss Bond's School, Baltimore, MD, Abby was a Presbyterian. Maurice graduated from Princton in 1895.

Children:   1 Margaret Rogers, b. 19 Aug 1904, Logansport, IN; ed. Ward Belmont; m. 30 Jun 1932, Robert C. Woodworth

                2 Maurice Rogers, b. 2 Feb 1906, Logansport, IN; B.S., Purdue Univ., 1928

                3 Jane Johnson, b. 7 Oct 1907, Logansport, IN; ed. Purdue Univ.

13342111 Bernard Fowler Rogers, Jr, b. 10 Sep 1892, Chicago, IL; m. 1925 to Corina Higginson, of Boston, div. 1932.

A Yale 1915 graduate, Bernard was an ambulance driver in Italy during WWI. He was awarded the Italian Croce di Guerra.

13342112 James Waller Rogers, b. 18 Dec 1902, Chicago, IL; m. Jane Linn, daughter of Dr. James W. Linn.

James graduated from Yale in 1926.

13481761 Charles Otey Rogers, b. Halifax Co., VA; m. to Ingeborg Lorraine Benson, (dau. of Bennett and Valborg (Christopherson) Benson).

Children:   1 Dianne Bennett,* b. Williamsburg, James City Co., VA

                2 Linda Covington,* b. Williamsburg, James City Co., VA

                3 Charlotte Page,* b. Williamsburg, James City Co., VA

                4 Charles Timothy,* b. Williamsburg, James City Co., VA

13481762 William Turner Rogers, b. Halifax Co., VA; d. Richmond, VA; m. to Eunice Mae Stone, dau. of Eben and Sally (Bowles) Stone, b. Martinsville, Henry Co., VA.

Children:   1 Mark Stone,* b. Williamsburg, James City Co., VA

                2 Jane Beryl,* b. Williamsburg, James City Co., VA


13481763 Elsie Covington Rogers, b. Halifax Co., VA; 1m. to Alric Gore, d. 12 Apr 1945, one child; 2m. to Carlton Elisha Lawson, one child.

Children:   1 Elizabeth Ann,* b. Newport News, VA

                2 Carlton Rogers,* b. Newport News, VA

13481764 John Edwin Rogers, b. Halifax Co., VA; 1m. to Thelma Mae Clark, div., one child; 2m. to Iona Mae Sanford, b. Westmorland Co., VA.

Children:   1 Brian Clark*

14511131 Stonewall Percy Gentry, b. 29 Jun 1884, Gordonsville, VA; m. 24 Jun 1908 to Louise Randolph, dau. of Alma P. Norman, of Atlanta, GA.  He attended Guilford College, NC

Children:   1 James Norman

14531112 Rebecca Gwathmey Tyler, b. 4 Jan 1870, Louisville, KY; m. 14 Nov 1894 to Harry Lee Smyser, b. 9 Mar 1864, Louisville, KY.

Children:   1 Frances

                2 Lewis Tyler,* b. 28 Oct 1897, Louisville, KY

14542112 William Pope Anderson, III, b. 12 Apr 1893; m. 3 Jul 1922 to Marguerite McClair.

William graduated from Yale-S., 1915; 1st lt., engrs., A.E.F.

Children:   1 Vachel Worthington, II, b. 13 May 1923

                2 William Pope, IV, b. 26 Jun 1926

14542113 Mary Chambliss Anderson, b. 11 Nov 1895; m. Jan 27 1923 to Harry Elijah Coombe.

Children:   1 Harry James, b. 15 Oct 1923

                2 Vachel Anderson, b. 5 Mar 1926

                3 Mary Anderson, b. 25 Oct 1927

14542114 Margarete Shoenberger Anderson, b. 26 Sep 1899; m. 15 Jun 1922 to Greene Fenley, Jr..

Children:   1 Margarete, b. 4 Apr 1923

                2 Carolyn Durbin, b. 16 Apr 1925

                3 Greene, III, b. 23 Oct 1929

14711114 Edith Wood, b. 4 Jan 1893, Clark Co., Indiana.




133311111 Martha Woodroff, b. 10 Jul 1883, Orange Co., VA; m. 23 Jun 1909 to Philip Wallace Hiden, b. 5 Apr 1872, Orange Co., VA.

Children: 1 Martha Woodward, b. 4 Mar 1910

                2 Suzanne Elizabeth, b. 12 Jul 1911

                3 Georgia Goodwin, b. 4 Feb 1915

                4 Philip W., Jr., b. 3 Sep 1917

                5 Francis Winstin, b. 12 Oct 1919

134817611 Dianne Bennett Rogers, m. to Stephen Ward Swarts.

Children:   1 David Rogers*

                2 Scott Ward*

134817612 Linda Covington Rogers, 1m. to Jerry Lee Acheson,, div., one child; 2m. to Warren Edward Miller.

Children:   1 Jerry Lee (Acheson)*

                2 Laura Ann (Miller)

134817613 Charlotte Page Rogers, 1m. to Anthony Richard Pagano, Jr., div, three children; 2m. to Jimmy Hautz, div.; 3m. to Richard Halbleib.

Children:   1 Rachel Christina*

                2 Sarah Benson

                3 Jessica Victoria

134817614 Charles Timothy Rogers, m. to Bridgette ___.

134817621 Mark Stone Rogers, m. to Janet Silvis Rose

Children:   1 Mark Stone, Jr.*

                2 Denise Ann*

134817622 Jane Beryl Rogers, m.  to Dean Everett Raynes.

Children:   1 Justin Dean

                2 William Philip

134817631 Elizabeth Ann (Gore) Lawson,  m. to Ronald Lee Wilson.

Children:   1 Michael Keith*

                2 Kenneth Scott*

                3 Kristine Leigh*

134817632 Carlton Rogers Lawson, b. m. to Carol Tobin.

Children:   1 Elspeth Marie*

                2 Meaghan Renee

134817641 Brian Clark Rogers, m. to Elizabeth May.

Children:   1 Katherine Elizabeth

                2 John Willis

                3 Donovan Clark

145311122 Lewis Tyler Smyser, m. to Sarah Marshall Ide.

Children:   1 Frances

                2 Marshall



1348176111 David Rogers Swarts, 1m. to Sheila Lynn Hendershot; 2m.  to Sherie Fern Blakeman (Eley) (dau. of Dale and Katherine (Moore) Blakeman). Sherie has one son (Rick) from her first marriage.

Children:   1 Samantha Lynn

                2 Courtney Atherton

1348176112 Scott Ward Swarts, m. to Michelle ________.

1348176121 Jerry Lee Acheson, m. to April _________,

Children:  1  -

1348176111 Rachel Christina Pagano

1348176211 Mark Stone Rogers, Jr.

1348176212 Denise Ann Rogers

1348176311 Michael Keith Wilson, m. Patricia Black.

1348176312 Kenneth Scott Wilson, m. to Dawn Zimmerman.

1348176313 Kristine Leigh Wilson, m. to Michael Fletcher.

1348176321 Elspeth Marie Lawson