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Brooke Lineage

1. John Brooke, d. Jun 1551, London. England; m. Katherine _________. After John passed away, Katherine married John Beerman on 22 Sep 1554..

Children:   a) John*


2. John Brooke, Will dated 9 Jan 1577/8 and Proved 8 July 1584, Canterbury, England; m. Elizabeth Whetman, Will dated 18 Jun 1599. John was a Leather Seller in London, England.

Children:   a) William, bapt. 1 Oct 1556, London, England

                b) John, bapt. 4 May 1557/8; d. in infancy

                c) John, bapt. 22 Oct 1563, London, England

                d) Robert, bapt. 7 Apr 1566, London, England

                e) Thomas, bapt. 6 Jan 1568/9, London, England

                f) Joanne*, bapt. 11 May 1555, London, England

                g) Susan, bapt. 6 Mar 1559/60, London, England

                h) Margaret., bapt. 8 Mar 1560/1, London, England

                i) Elizabeth, bapt. 20 Jul 1562, London, England

                j) Mary, bapt. 26 Nov 1564, London, England

                k) Katherine, bapt. 13 Jul 1567, London, England

                l) Sarah, bapt. 1 Oct 1570


3. Joanne Brooke, bapt. 11 May 1555, London, England; m. Robert Foote, of Shalford, England, b. c 1553/7, England, d. 15 Feb 1608.

Children:   a) Robert

                b) James

                c) Daniel

                d) Nathaniel*, b. c 1593, England

                e) Francis

                f) Joshua

                g) Elizabeth

                h) Joseph

                i) Mary


4. Nathaniel Foote, of Shalford. England, b. c1593, England, d. 1644, Wethersfield, CT; m. c1615 to Elizabeth Deming (dau. of David and Elizabeth (Robbins) Deming), b. 1595, d. 28 Jul 1683. After Nathaniels passing, Elizabeth married a second time to Thomas Welles, Magistrate and later Governor of the Conn. Colony.

Children:   a) Elizabeth, b. c1616

                b) Nathaniel, b. c1620

                c) Mary, b. c1623

                d) Robert*, b. c1627, Colchester, England

                e) Frances, b. c1629

                f) Sarah, b. c1632

                g) Rebecca, b. c1634


5. Robert Foote, b. c1627, Colchester, England, d. 1681, (?Branford), CT; m. 1659 to Sarah Potter (dau. of William Potter), bapt. 1641.

Children:   a) Nathaniel, b. 13 Apr 1660, New Haven CT

                b) Sarah, b. 12 Feb 1661, New Haven, CT

                c) Joseph, b. 6 Mar 1664, CT

                d) Elizabeth, b. 6 Mar 1666, CT

                e) Samuel, b. 14 May 1668, CT

                f) John*, b. 24 Jul 1670, CT

                g) Stephen, b. 14 Dec 1672, CT

                h) Isaac, b. 14 Dec 1672, CT


6. John Foote, b. 24 Jul 1670, CT, d. 1713, CT; m. 1696 to Mary Palmer, b. 1673.

Children:   a) Elizabeth, b. 1697

                b) Mary, b. 1697

                c) Dr. Thomas*, b. 1699

                d) John, b. 1700

                e) Samuel, b. 1702

                f) Jonathan, b. 1704

                g) Patience, b. 1706


7. Dr. Thomas Foote, b. 1699, d. 19 Dec 1776, CT; m. Elizabeth Sutliffe (dau. of John and Hannah (Brockett) Sutliffe), b. c1707, Branford, CT, d. 16 Nov 1789. They were the first settlers of Cornwall, VT in 1774.

Children:   a) Samuel, b. 1723

                b) Jemima, b. 1725

                c) Elizabeth, b. 1728

                d) Ebenezer, b. 1730

                e) Timothy, b. 1735

                f) Dr. Nathan*, b. 25 Jan 1737/8, Waterbury, CT

                g) Thomas, b. 10 May 1740

                h) John, b. 24 Aug 1742

                i) Jacob, b. 30 Oct 1744

                j) Joseph, b. 3 Apr 1747

                k) Isaac, b. 25 Mar 1750


8. Dr. Nathan Foote, b. 25 Jan 1737/8, Waterbury, CT, d. 25 Jun 1808; m. 12 Jun 1757/9 to Mavina Selkrigg (dau. of William and Judith Selkrigg), b. 8 Jan 1739, d. 26 Sep 1814.

Children:   a) Daniel, b. 3 Apr 1780

                b) Nathan, b. 16 Nov 1761

                c) Millescent, b. 6 Nov 1763

                d) Abijah*, b. 22 Mar 1766

                e) Uri, b. 12 Jun 1768

                f) Jesse, b. 17 Sep 1770; d. 7 Dec 1772

                g) Marian, b. 6 Nov 1772

                h) Jesse Selkrigg, b. 17 May 1776

                i) Thomas, b. 9 Jul 1778

                j) William, b. 5 Sep 1780

                k) Parthenia M., b. 5 May 1784, Cornwall, VT


9. Abijah Foote, b. 22 Mar 1766, d. 22 Sep 1795, Cornwall, VT; m. 6 Dec 1792 to Mary "Polly" Bronson, b. 1770.

Children:   a) Harvey Bronson*, b. 7 Feb 1794, Cornwall, VT


10. Harvey Bronson Foote, b. 7 Feb 1794, Cornwall, VT, d. Apr 1824, OH; m. 25 Dec 1817, Montgomery Co., OH to Elizabeth Ann Montayne, b. 1801, Broome Co., NY.

Harvey was a Baptist Minister, the first clerk of Clinton Twp., the first clerk of courts, and the first recorder, of Shelby Co., OH. He was buried in the old Presbyterian graveyard in Sidney, Oh. The graveyard was torn up sometime after 1905 to make room for a new high school. There are no records of where his remains or his tombstone was removed to. Elizabeth moved to Shelby Co., OH c1813 with her father. After Harvey passed away, Elizabeth married Joseph Garver in 1826.

Children:   a) John Bronson*, b. 5 Dec 1818, Sidney, Shelby Co., OH

                b) William M., b. 1821/2

                c) Maria, b. 1824

                d) Sarah, d. in infancy


11. John Bronson Foote, b. 5 Dec 1818, Sidney, Shelby Co., OH, d. 29 Apr 1877, Springfield Twp., Allen Co., IN; m. 4 Mar 1839 to Catherine Zemer (dau. of Abraham and Suzannah (Crittenberg) Zemer), b. 20 Jan 1821, Pickaway Co., OH d. 12 Jan 1903, Springfield Twp., Allen Co., IN. They were both members of the German Baptist Church and are buried in the old cemetery near Harlan, Allen Co., IN.

John was the first white child born in Sidney, Shelby Co., OH and was left fatherless before his sixth birthday. On 17 May 1843, the dwelling of John and Catherine in Darke Co., OH was destroyed by fire. They moved to Allen Co., IN in the fall of 1848. John was one of the pioneer schoolteachers of Allen Co., IN. He also cleared and farmed 160 acres near Harlan, in Allen County, which he bought when the area was all woods, and with few inhabitants, except wild game and Indians.

Children:   a) Harvey Bronson, b. 25 May 1840, Darke Co., OH

                b) Abraham Zemer*, b. 25 Feb 1842, Darke Co., OH

                c) Elizabeth Ann, b. 28 Dec 1843, Darke Co., OH

                d) Rhoda Ann, b. 23 Sep 1846, Darke Co., OH

                e) Maria Elizabeth, b. 14 Jun 1848, Darke Co., OH

                f) John Bronson, b. 3 Jun 1850, Darke Co., OH?

                g) William McClellan, b. 15 Sep 1852, Springfield Twp., Allen Co., IN

                h) Squire Albert, b. 4 Jun 1855, Springfield Twp., Allen Co., IN

                i) Joseph Garver, b. 12 Aug 1857, Springfield Twp., Allen Co., IN

                j) Mary Alice, b. 8 Jun 1860, Springfield Twp., Allen Co., IN

                k) Oliver Morton, b. 5 Oct 1862, Springfield Twp., Allen Co., IN


12. Abraham Zemer Foote, 25 Feb 1842, Darke Co., OH, d. 1 Jun 1912, Corunna, DeKalb Co., IN; m. 25 Feb 1872 to Cynthia Ann Gump (dau. of Jacob and Sarah (Dietrich) Gump), b. 24 Jun 1853, Allen Co., IN, d. 23 May 1919, Rome City, IN.

During the Civil War, Abraham served with Company D of the 44th Indiana Volunteer Infantry. His regiment saw action at Fort Henry, Fort Donelson, Shiloh, Iuka, Corinth, Murfreesboro, Chattanooga, Chickamauga and Missionary Ridge. He was slightly wounded at Shiloh.

Children:   a) Perry Allen*, b. 18 Nov 1872, Allen Co., IN

                b) Oliver Morton, b. 22 Feb 1874

                c) Jacob Elmer, b. 25 Aug 1875

                d) Irma Jane, b. 8 Dec 1877

                e) Gerry Franklin, b. 10 Jul 1880

                f) Myrta May, b. 7 Jul 1884

                g) Sarah Catherine, b. 19 Jun 1888


13. Perry Allen Foote, b. 18 Nov 1872, Allen Co., IN, d. 16 May 1942, Corunna, DeKalb Co., IN; m. Edythe Margarete Olinger (dau. of Cyrus and Martha (Bowers) Olinger), b. 6 Apr 1880, Anderson Co., KS, d. 27 Mar 1972, Auburn, DeKalb Co., IN.

Children:   a) Ruth Martha, b. Auburn, DeKalb Co., IN

                b) LaRea*, b. Auburn, DeKalb Co., IN

                c) Helen Maxine, b. Auburn, DeKalb Co., IN


14. LaRea Foote, b. Auburn, DeKalb Co., IN; m. to Ward Garside Swarts, b. 28 Sep 1906, Auburn, IN; d. 29 Mar 1979, Reston, VA.

Children:   a) Stephen Ward*, b. Dixon., Lee Co., IL

                b) Susan, b. Three Rivers, MI


15. Stephen Ward Swarts, b. Dixon., Lee Co., IL; m. to Dianne Bennett Rogers, b. Williamsburg, VA.

Children:   a) David Rogers*, b. Willamsburg, VA

                b) Scott Ward, b. Sturgis, MI


16. David Rogers Swarts, b. Willamsburg, VA; 1m. to Sheila Lynn Hendershot, b. Jackson, MI; 2m. to Sherie Fern (Blakeman) Eley, b.Vandercook Lake, MI.

Children:   a) Samantha Lynn, b. Ann Arbor, MI

                b) Courtney Atherton, b. Ann Arbor, MI


Prepared 12 Aug 1999 by: David R. Swarts, 1905 Springport Rd., Jackson, MI 49202,