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Joseph Baker (1674-1735) Will

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Wills: Joseph Baker, 1735/36: Edgmont Twp, Chester County, Pa.

The Twenty-seventh Day of August in the year of our Lord one thousand Seven Hundred thirty-one, I, Joseph Baker of Edgmont in the County of Chester in the province of Pennsylvania, Yeoman, being very sick and weak in body, but of perfect Mind and Memory, thanks be given unto God therefore, calling unto mind the moratality (sic) of my body, and knowing that it is appointed for all men to dye (sic), so make and ordain this my last Will and Testament. That is to say principally and first of all, I give and Recommend my Soul into the hands of God that gave it; and as for my body, I Recommend it to the Earth, to be buried in a Christian Like and Decent manner, at the descretion of my executors, herinafter (sic) named and as touching Such worldly Estate Wherewith it hath please God to bless me in this life, I give Devise and Dispose of the same in the following manner and form. Imprimis I give and bequeath unto my loving wife Martha Baker the sum of Eight Pounds of Lawful Current money of Pennsylvania withLiberty and Privilege of my Lodging Rooms with my best Bedd (sic) beding (sic) and furniture thereunto belonging and my sd son Joseph Shall pay her the Sd Sum of Eight Pounds a year and Every year during her natural Life and if it Shall so happen that he Shall neglect or Refuse to pay as afors'd, then she to Enter on the Plantation.

Item. I give Francis Yarnall five shillings, and five shillings a piece to his three children.

Item. I give to my son Richard five shillings, and five shillings a piece to his three children.

Item. I give to my son Aaron ten pounds; I give to my Daughter Anne and her husband James Sill ten pounds.

Item. I give my Daughter Susannah ten pounds; I give to my Daughter Jane and her husband Thomas Thomas five shillings and to their four children three pounds a piece to be paid them after all the Rest of the Lagasias (sic) be paid.

Item. I give to my son, Jesse ten pounds.

Item. I give to my daughter Sarah and her husband five shillings.

Item. I give to Joseph the plantation to him and his heirs and assigns forever.

Item. I give to my Daughter Rachel ten pounds.

Item. I give to my son Nehemiah ten pounds and a riding Mare.

Item. I give to my Son John ten pounds and a riding mare Said Legacies as above bequeathed my Son Joseph Baker Shall Pay in manner following that is to say: he Shall not pay any until a year and a day after the Death of his mother, and then to pay from year to year untill (sic) all the Said Legacies Shall be paid, and my will is that all my personal Estate be appraised and Sold by publick (sic) vandue (sic) and all my just Debts and funorall (sic) Charges to be paid and Discharged with the same; and if there Shall be any more the same to be Equally Divided between my wife and my son Joseph; And I do hereby constitute make and ordain my loving wife and my two sons Richard and Aaron Baker to be my only and Sole Executors of this my last will and Testament, and I dob hereby Disallow, Revoke, Disa...all and every other formore (sic) Testaments, wills Legacies and Exocutors (sic) by me in confirming this and no other to be my Last will and Testament. In Witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal the day and year above written. Signed, Sealed, Published, Pronounced and Declared....Joseph Baker as his last will and testament in the Presents (sic) of us the Subscriber, viz: all the "leacies" (sic) to be paid by son Joseph in lawful money of Pennsylvania.

Evan (van) Howell the mark of Joseph Baker

Eph. Jackson (fingerprint)

Sarah Howell

10th Feb...1735/36

Chester 10 Mar. 1735/36. There Personally Appeared Evan Howell, Ephriam Jackson and Sarah Howel (sic) the witnesses of the within written will who on their Colemn Affirmation did Declare they were present and saw the Testator therein named Sign, Seal Publish pronounce and Declare the Said Writing to be his Last will and Testament - - and that at the doing thereof he was of Sound mind and Memory to the best of their Understandings. ?Coram? Jo Parker D. Reg.