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The Family Album


This site is "updated frequently". The information on this site is FOR REFERENCE ONLY and intended to be a research aid, a way to share information and a 'hub' for further research. There are possibly errors.

How to read the genealogies: The number system is based on generation and order of birth. It is an index number for all mentioned people in the particular paragraph. Hint: find yourself and work backwords.

1 = first person - first generation

13 = third child of the first person - second generation

132 = second child of the third child of the first person - third generation

132-11 = eleventh child of the second child of the third child of the first person - fourth generation

The first paragraph includes "vitals." Vitals are birth, death, marriage(s), parents of spouse and place of burial.

The second paragraph includes biographical information (Census information, will and land abstracts, education, occupations, hobbies, military service, exciting adventures, honors, religious preferences, last known residence, etc.)

The final information is the children. More information about the children will be found in the next generation if an " * " appears after their name.

All dates are: Day / Month (first three letters) / Year


c circa (about) 1m. 1st marriage dec. deceased
b. born 2m. 2nd marriage p. probated (will)
d. died ae age div. divorced
m. marriage ad adopted res. last known residence
* continued sc step child w. will

If there is any conflicting information, additions, changes, etc., please feel free to contact us at any time so we can share accurate information with other researchers.. Enjoy.

Sherie F. (Blakeman) and David R. Swarts

Jackson, MI